Christopher Morgan

Christopher is a software engineer who accidentally became an expert in IT Service Management. He's worked previously for Hewlett-Packard, ServiceNow, Cherwell, and EasyVista. "Captain Morgan" lives in San Diego, CA.
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Resolve to Reduce Your Email

The new year is well-under way. How are your resolutions going? If you’re like me, one of my goals has been to reduce the amount of emails I send and receive. When you think about it, most emails...

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Stave Makes Silver with ServiceNow

Everyone on the Stave team is super excited on this week's annoucement that we've been promoted to a ServiceNow Silver-Tier Technology Partner.  We're so glad our customers have reported their...

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4 Reasons to Deploy a 311 System

Posted on May 16, 2017

3-1-1 systems allow citizens to interact with their local governments, find information, and make requests.  The term comes in the shadow of 9-1-1 Emergency Request systems, but focuses on...

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Don't Make the Mistake of Skipping ServiceNow's Knowledge 17

Posted on March 06, 2017

ServiceNow's annual user conference, Knowledge, is coming up very quickly.  If you don't have plans to attend yet, you better get on it or you're really going to miss out.  I've missed some...

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6 Great Customer Support Responses


We've talked before about using ServiceNow as a complete Customer Service Management platform.  You can't forget, however, that any successful solution encompasses People, Processes, and...

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Using the ServiceNow Store with EXPRESS Edition


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When Is CRM Not CRM?

I've noticed a trend recently in which organizations are talking about updating or implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  I think real CRMs area great and an absolutely...

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4 GRC-IT Techniques I Learned at SKO

I've just returned from ServiceNow's annual Sales Kick-Off event, or "SKO".  This annual conference serves as both internal sales training to the ServiceNow team and as a training and networking...

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How Effective Are Your ServiceNow Dashboards?

At Stave, one of the things I think is great is when I get to see a portal site one of our customers has developed using CMS+.  CMS+ is designed to build responsive portals in ServiceNow faster...

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Video Introduction to the Shared Services Model

This video introduction to the Shared Services Model of service fulfillment and delivery used by modern enterprise businesses, shows the concepts of creating a centralized system of engagement for...

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