How Stave Turns the ServiceNow® Platform into a Full Procurement Solution

If you’re familiar with the partnership between ServiceNow and Stave ProcurementPath, you know that they work in tandem to provide enormously beneficial procurement features.

What you might not realize is that Stave takes all the best of ServiceNow’s procurement benefits and extends them into a robust solution that can solve any company’s biggest procurement challenges. Let’s take a closer look at how Stave amps up ServiceNow into a full procurement solution.

Procurement Solutions: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Looking at ServiceNow’s list out-of-the-box lineup of features below, you can see that it comes built-in with some very helpful things. It has a shopping cart style setup and can handle purchase orders, along with their related needs like tasks and receiving. It also manages contracts and workflows, as well as basic vendor management activities.

But it’s immediately clear that there are many features ServiceNow just doesn’t offer. Take a closer look at the chart below and you’ll see a long line of checkmarks next to Stave ProcurementPath, but not ServiceNow.




Stave ProcurementPath

Purchase Request shopping cart based on Service Catalog

Purchase Orders

    Workflows (e.g. approvals)


    Vendor updates (e.g. acknowledge and shipping)


    Create Invoice






    Vendor create Invoice from Purchase Order


    Workflows (e.g. review and approve)


Contract Requests


    Intake forms (e.g. NDA, Purchasing Contract, etc.)


    Workflows (based on Contract Type)




    Document Management (Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive enabled)


    Bid Sheets (RFPs and RFQs)


    Capture Vendor Proposals


    Proposal Evaluation Templates and Scoring


    Award Contract Workflow



    Workflows (e.g. renew, extend, adjust)

    Spend Analysis (e.g. burndown charts)


    Document Management (Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive enabled)


    Key Dates


Budget Management


    Budget setup by GL Code


    Budget Approval Workflow


    Budget Spend Tracking (on Dashboards and Reports)


Vendor Management

    Vendor Portal (Vendors are part of the workflows)


    Onboard Vendor Workflow


    Offboard Vendor Workflow


    Vendor Messaging


    Vendor Issue Tracking


    Vendor Certificate Tracking (e.g. Insurance)


    Vendor Diversity Tracking


Service Portal based User Interface


    Role-based dashboards


    Workflow-based user interaction



As you can see, Stave takes the basics of ServiceNow and adds a huge list of additional features that allow it to operate as a full procurement solution. 

Features Only From Stave

In terms of purchase orders, Stave goes further than ServiceNow alone by providing vendor updates that acknowledge orders and confirm stages in the process. This is very helpful at key points in the process, like when you need shipping notifications to time your deliveries to other activities.

Invoicing is far easier with Stave because a vendor can create an invoice directly from a purchase order. Invoicing workflow tasks, like reviews and approval, can also happen right within ProcurementPath.

For contract requests, Stave offers a large number of features that make the process easier. Intake forms like nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) and purchasing contracts are built right in. So are bid sheets, including requests for proposal (RFPs) and requests for quote (RFQs).

Vendor proposals are easy to manage through templates and scoring. You can see your entire annual award contract workflow at a glance - and Stave uses both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, the two most commonly-used document storage services in the world.

Vendor management is also far easier with Stave because vendor information is built into all related workflows. It’s easy to onboard and offboard them, communicate with them, track their orders/deliveries, and keep tabs on vendor metrics.

Extend ServiceNow With Stave

Stave ProcurementPath is currently the #1 procurement software on ServiceNow. Add it to your procurement process and enjoy a full set of features that makes the entire procurement process less expensive, less frustrating, and much more efficient.