Why You Don’t Want Your Enterprise To Be Like Pokemon Go

It seems like Pokemon Go has taken over the world as we know it. People are running around, chasing things invisible to the naked eye, and bragging over their finds. For those of you like myself who don’t play, the obsession is a little hard to understand.



The gist of the free game is that there are virtual Pokemons all over the place that players can find and capture using their device’s GPS and camera features. This requires the players to walk around to different places in the hopes of finding Pokemon.  For some, this is a good thing, because it encourages healthy exercise and movement. But for others, it’s a nuisance, especially when players stare at their phone instead of looking at where they're going.


While the game has been downloaded by approximately 30 million people, it provides an interesting contrast, for we usually prefer getting things handed to us rather than chasing after them.

While hunting things down may be fun in spare time, it’s inefficient and frustrating at work. But aren’t your employees playing the same game as Pokemon Go in the enterprise when they have to track down and use multiple tools and platforms to do their jobs?

Someone told me once that every enterprise in the world has over 3,000 Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in-placethe 1 official BI Solution and 2,999 different Excel files.  That scattering of solutions hiding behind cubicle walls isn’t fun to hunt and isn’t efficient for the business.

This isn’t a problem unique to BI solutions, but with every app in place at your business.  Do you use a separate platform for your service desk?  And a separate platform for your Human Resources management?  And a separate platform for your Facilities Management?  And your Finance?  And your Legal?  When it comes to enterprise platforms, are you trying to collect them all?

Enterprises that don’t use a centralized system to manage all the different items made available by their fulfillment centers are forcing their employees to play a workplace version of Pokemon Go.  Employees struggle to juggle multiple tools to do their jobs.  And much like Pokemon Go players, employees end up scouring a lot of different places to find what they are looking for and places to manage their work and business processes.

Perhaps we can look to the past to improve the future. In a bygone era, all enterprise operations were centralized in a hidden basement mainframe. So there was no need to hunt anything downit was all in one place. While the advent of desktop PCs left us with stand-alone systems, we’re coming back to the same concept of centralization while entering the cloud generation.  Enterprises can achieve benefits of scale by adopting cloud-based software platforms that offer extensibility to ensure you can incorporate disparate business processes and consolidate your platforms into a single system of record.  This is the Pokemon equivalent of starting your own gym—setup a single place and let the users come to you.

The terminology for the technology behind this concept is called aPaaS, for Application Platform-as-a-Servicea cloud platform that can be expanded for all your different service needs.  It enables the enterprise to have a centralized solution that creates a streamlined, single channel of communication.  This gives your employees a one-stop-shop, pre-integrated, expandible business tool.

In the real world, this means a platform like ServiceNow.  ServiceNow began in the IT realm, but because of its development capabilities, now offers organic solutions for HR, Facilities, and more.  Their support for 3rd-party software developers and their Store marketplace enables enterprises to have multiple options to add and expand capability to their systems in the platform.  ServiceNow has leveraged the support of subject matter experts to deliver best-of-breed options for their customers by deploying Store-bought applications.

With a centralized system of record with multiple and extensible capabilities, employees no longer need to play a version of Pokemon Go in the office.  Forget Augmented Reality, the Enterprise Reality Platform for software today is aPaaS.

When your enterprise is ready to evolve and capture new skills, Stave is here to assist.