Why Donald Trump Needs ServiceNow

The U.S. is currently in the middle of a presidential election and the American people will shortly elect either primary finalists Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. After hearing so much about the candidates and election, I realized that picking a new president and picking a new cloud-based enterprise software solution have some similarities. While the topic of who’s the better candidate is still being highly debated, there’s no contest that ServiceNow is the only choice as a consolidated cloud platform to choose for your business.

Thinking about this similarly, I started wondering how each of the two candidates might use ServiceNow if it were apart of their new administration, based on their respective backgrounds and campaign issues. This is what I decided:


Powerful Branding and Conveying a Message
Without any prior political experience, Donald Trump earned millions of votes and a nomination for president from an established political party. This is partially due to his incredibly strong branding and image. I would suspect that Mr. Trump would invest heavily in branded self-service portals in his ServiceNow deployment.

With well-designed portals, he could dramatically increase the user experience for everyone using ServiceNow and allow users to interact with the platform on any device, including their mobile devices, all while maintaining a consistent look, feel, and UX. He could offer portals for both IT and non-IT business functions and have his team rapidly deploy new portals as needed for any new capital projects, such as wall construction.

The Stave CMS+ application available from the ServiceNow Store would be a great investment for him. CMS+ allows administrators to design unlimited, responsive and mobile-friendly branded portals, using a simple point-and-click interface that doesn’t require any experience to use. The app also makes it very easy to update your portals over time, even if the original designers are no longer around. Mr. Trump does love a good deal, and he and his entire team can actually trial Stave CMS+ free for 30 days.


Try CMS+ Free for 30-Days

Ensuring Domestic Tranquility
Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to, “Make American Great Again”. While that could be defined a few different ways and I’m not so sure that ServiceNow has never not been “Great”, I’m going to assume that Mr. Trump is talking about a reset of sorts. He might be looking for a way to correct some customizations that have been introduced into the ServiceNow instance that just aren’t working.

The easiest way to do this is with the built-in zBoot feature of every instance. The Administrator of the instance can, at any time, reset the instance back to the its default, “out-of-the-cloud” configuration. Now, this will remove *anything* you configured in the instance and *all* your data, so it’s good to have a backup, but it will give you a pristine instance to start over with. It’s great that administrators of the platform has this much power in their hands at a push of a button as it helps teams go faster during implementation, testing, and development cycles, and in keeping foreign code out of your instance.


Immigration Reform and Securing National Borders
Mr. Trump has identified problems with illegal immigration into the U.S. and that tells me that issues like security, data governance, and data management would be important to him as a ServiceNow user. He would probably be interested in using ServiceNow’s whole-disk encryption features, and field-level encryption on critical tables and fields in order to give a huge increase to the security settings of the instance.

Mr. Trump would probably also head over to the ServiceNow Store and install the Stave Data Tools suite into this instance. I think he’d be particularly impressed with the Data Masker app, which lets administrators define certain words, word phrases, or word patterns and prevent unwanted data from entering the ServiceNow instance as the weakest security point — the users. A common example is the need to keep Social Security Numbers out of certain tables and fields. Once you define a SSN’s pattern (xxx-xx-xxxx), Data Masker will monitor all inputs and either block, replace, or alert if anyone ever types one in.


Integrating with International Partners
On international policy, Mr. Trump has stated that he would like the U.S. government to work with the Russian government to resolve the civil war in Syria. This idea of teamwork tells me that he would really appreaciate the ability to integrate ServiceNow with other enterprise solutions.

Integrations can often be tricky for large organizations and many process design questions will have to be answered before you can even begin. ServiceNow is a great ally and offers a multiple of options to get data both in and out of the platform. Mr. Trump’s team could use anything from REST or SOAP web services, to CSV files, to ODBC/JDBC database connectors, to bi-directional emails to share data across solutions. With such an arsenal of options, it’s often easier than you think to integrate ServiceNow with legacy or point solutions within your organization.

Don’t forget as well, that since you can always expand capabilities in ServiceNow by utilizing 3rd-party applications from the ServiceNow Store, that you also have hundreds of options and multipliers to expand your instance and ensure mission success.



Job Creation Programs
During multiple interviews, Donald Trump, has expressed his frustration that in recent years, many high-paying American manufacturing jobs have moved overseas. It’s clearly critical to Mr. Trump to understand about users, what jobs and roles those users have, and understanding how job utilization takes place over time. With any ServiceNow deployment, there are of course multiple users, multiple roles, and multiple applications that these users work in, and he would be able to analyze that usage.

ServiceNow’s own HI portal would be a favorite of Mr. Trump because it would allow him to track and view all users accessing the instance, both live and historically. This would allow him to make sure no users were using applications that he didn’t intend them to have access to, and ensure that he had appropriate subscription sizing in place. He could see what apps were being used the most, and which are being under-utilized. By having insight into this cloud monitoring, resource planning becomes much easier and businesses can make real improvements to the financial bottom-line, guaranteeing nobody gets fired.

An Outsider’s Perspective
Donald Trump is better known as a real estate developer and reality tv personality than a politician. This “anti-establishment” and “Washington outsider” approach has resonated with the electorate and is often presented as a strength instead of a weakness. Mr. Trump is not what the voters are used to.

I think users transitioning to ServiceNow when it replaced their old, legacy solution can relate. The interface is refreshing and incorporates modern elements that users are familiar with from their consumer-centric web-based solutions.

The introduction of any new models can rattle the establishment, since they have been doing things the same way for years and may have an incentive to avoid change. Subscribing to a Software-as-a-Service solution instead of purchasing licenses was a new model. Having all documentation available for free to anyone online was a new model. Providing free upgrades was a new model. A web-based interface was a new model. ServiceNow was the company that introduced each of these radical elements. Many didn’t know how to deal with these new software procurement and deployment models and got pretty riffed. Others embraced the change. What’s apparent, though, is how many of these “radical” concepts have stuck, have been copied, and are what we now consider the norm.


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