How the Next U.S. President Might Use ServiceNow

The U.S. is currently in the middle of a presidential election and the American people will shortly elect either primary finalists Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  After hearing so much about the candidates and election, I realized that picking a new president and picking a new cloud-based enterprise software solution have some similarities.  While the topic of who’s the better candidate is still being highly debated, there’s no contest that ServiceNow is the only choice as a consolidated cloud platform to choose for your business.
Thinking about this similarly, I started wondering how each of the two candidates might use ServiceNow if it were apart of their new administration, based on their respective backgrounds and campaign issues.  This is what I decided:
Common Ground

Regardless if the next Command and Chief is Clinton or Trump, there are some areas where any president could definitely use ServiceNow to do the job. Here’s some common ground where he or she might be using the platform from the Oval Office.

Supreme Court Justice Selection
The next U.S. president will nominate to the country’s highest court at least one Justice. This is a task that requires a great deal of due-diligence. The nominee may be a sitting judge and will almost definitely have a background in law. The president will have to investigate the candidates’ previous legal rulings and the cases with which he or she has been involved over the years.

Imagine how efficient the president could make the selection and vetting process if all those relevant previous law cases where stored in ServiceNow as Knowledge Articles? By using tools baked into the Knowledge Management application, presidential staff could quickly search through copious amounts of text, and offer their feedback and rating on each document. The entire team would have insight into what all members were reviewing or commenting (unless additional senior roles were introduced who comments might not be visible non-senior reviewers, as I’m sure happens in such a selection process.)

Since there might be multiple physical libraries and volumes required for reading, they could use the Stave QR Code Generator available from the ServiceNow Store. This would allow the team to create dynamic QR codes to place on any physical medium. Then, they could simply scan the QR code from their phone and it could link to the appropriate Knowledge Article or ServiceNow record. And since the codes are dynamic, if the vetting process takes a long time, the codes could be updated in software, without having to re-print anything.
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Security, Counter-Electronic Surveillance and Whistleblowing
It would be imperative for any data stored within ServiceNow to be kept confidential and secure. Not only could the president define contextual, role-based access permissions for his or her various groups to create, read, update, and delete data, those user roles could be imported from existing personnel records to get started quickly.

ServiceNow allows both whole-disk data encryption-at-rest, and encryption-in-flight using AES-265-grade encryption. Plus with data centers around the world, the president could ensure nothing every left U.S. territory. With High-Availability, the White House would be able to ensure near 24/7/365 access to the instance and rest assured with ServiceNow’s low Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective SLAs.

Centralized audit logs and special Security Admin privileges could ensure foreign hackers were kept out and in the event of a leak, the security team could know exactly what data a breached account may have had access to, mitigating the risks of stolen data or whistleblowers.

As the team matured in their usage, they might utilize the Stave Data Tools suite available on the ServiceNow Store to help them generate realistic sample data for persistent testing with Data Generator, or scramble production data across instances seamlessly with Data Scrambler. Both apps are included in the Data Tools Suite. And their independent security teams could try and validate the Stave Data Tools or any other Stave app free for 30 days.

Accurate Poll Results
Any president would want to know how his or her actions were being received by the American people and would require access to accurate polling data. What better solution than ServiceNow to conduct this? The president could define user surveys, send them automatically to either all users or a sub-set based on an algorithm, and view the collected responses in an aggregated graphical report. This could gauge how performance was measured over time and identify important trends.

What if the president then decided to take the next step and utilize the Stave Relationship Manager app available on the ServiceNow Store? Now all authorized staff members could track those results matched against any category of person, such as donors, staff members, members of the press, other politicians or any type of category. This would allow the team to forecast how actions might affect relationship status before they even occur. Stave Relationship Manager can tie all interactions together to paint a complete and true picture of strategy, demand forecasts, and feedback.
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Are you using ServiceNow in creative ways and have any additional thoughts on how the next American president can benefit from the platform? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.