How Hillary Clinton Would Use ServiceNow

The U.S. is currently in the middle of a presidential election and the American people will shortly elect either primary finalists Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  After hearing so much about the candidates and election, I realized that picking a new president and picking a new cloud-based enterprise software solution have some similarities.  While the topic of who’s the better candidate is still being highly debated, there’s no contest that ServiceNow is the only choice as a consolidated cloud platform to choose for your business.
Thinking about this similarly, I started wondering how each of the two candidates might use ServiceNow if it were apart of their new administration, based on their respective backgrounds and campaign issues.  This is what I decided:

Coordinating Government Services
As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton apparently used her own personal email server run out of her home as opposed to the official, sanctioned service managed by the State Department. This is the classic example of “shadow IT”. As president, Mrs. Clinton would probably want to avoid this happening again and ensure that all the IT services she used were the official “system of record”.

ServiceNow is terrific at allowing organizations to define both the Business Services of an organization, and the Request Items users can acquire. I would suspect Mrs. Clinton would use ServiceNow to define Services, establish SLAs, assign Process Owners, assign Technical Owners, relate core Configuration Items, and then measure availability targets. She could also then define the specific Request Items available (such as “setup a new email account”) and use the built-in Service Catalog functionality to make it easy on users to request and receive new services (and easy for management to track…)

Campaign Fundraising
Did you know that for her presidential campaign, Secretary Clinton was able to raise more funds than any other candidate, for any office, in any country, ever? With all those donations, she might be interested in using ServiceNow’s Financial Management application. That way it would be easy for her to track what systems and solutions are costing and/or making the most money.

It would give her insight into cost center performance, budgets and forecasts, and revenue sources and she could see all of that from a single live dashboard.

Since so many different people and organizations donated, she might even use the Stave Relationship Manager application available in the ServiceNow Store to keep track of all her donors. She, and anyone in her staff who have the authority, could see every interaction a donor had with the campaign, basic information about the donor, and what strategic initiatives and political goals were important to each donor. The team could then determine not only how to tactically engage with donors, but understand the long-term strategic forecasts important to maintain long-term, satisfying relationships.
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Defining Communication Policies
An FBI investigation recently concluded that some official emails from Mrs. Clinton and her team, that were supposed to be preserved, were lost.

In the future, Hillary could avoid that by utilizing ServiceNow’s advanced Data Governance features and auditing capabilities. Did you know that you can make most fields on most tables within the platform “journaled”? This means that those fields will save a history of everything that’s been entered, not just the most-recent value. You also have the option to expose the audit history on the form or not, depending on how transparent you need to be. This ensures that even when data is changed accidentally or by someone else who has legitimate access, everything is preserved.

If she used ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance tools, Mrs. Clinton could have quickly and easily determined any missing data or data that wasn’t quite where it was supposed to be. And she could also use the Stave Data Tools suite available from the ServiceNow Store to further improve her security and data policies within her new instance. This is a suite of three related tools from 3rd-party vendor, Stave, that are used to secure, protect, and help manage sensitive data stored within a customer’s ServiceNow instance.

A Long Political Career
Hillary Clinton has been in political life for decades. She volunteered for the conservative Barry Goldwater campaign, was the First Lady to Arkansas Governor and later President Bill Clinton, has been a Senator from New York, and a Secretary of State. Over the course of such a career, some have noticed that her public political stances have changed over the years.

I think this tendency to evolve and change would be exactly why she would appreaciate ServiceNow’s seamless upgrade process when a new platform release comes out.

Since all configurations within a ServiceNow instance are defined within data, anytime there is an update to a component, the platform knows that it has been modified in the instance and it won’t overwrite your changes when you upgrade. This allows you to preserve your changes. Of course, you can always opt to forgo your modifications and take the new improvements that are provided as part of the subscription about twice a year.

This allows your organization to evolve to what’s most-convenient to be successful, even if that’s different over time.

Immigration Reform by Granting Amnesty
Hillary has stated that she would create a path to U.S. citizenship for people in the U.S. who migrated outside legal channels. This tells me that she’s interested in the idea of rapidly expanding features and capabilities and would love the platform aspects of ServiceNow.

See, ServiceNow has always had the option to allow administrators to “peel back the hood” and build new features into your instance using JavaScript — the language of the web. Many ServiceNow users did this, but often without documentation or by following best-practices or preferred procedures for software development. While it’s great to expand the capabilities of your deployment, and leverage your existing investment, haphazard and one-off changes could be very problematic over time.

Now, using scoped applications from the ServiceNow Store, administrators can get the best of both worlds. They can add capabilities to their instance, either utilities or stand-alone, even non-IT applications. They can add apps to both try free or to purchase with just a click or two. Every app from the Store is both certified and it’s scoped, meaning that it cannot introduce conflicts or break other apps within your instance, ensuring that everything works as expected. You can remove apps without issue, and opt to leave their data behind. And every Store app is supported by a certified and registered 3rd-party software vendor, such as Stave, who provides documentation, support, and upgrades, so you know these apps will always continue to work over time.
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First Female Nominee
Hilary Clinton was the first female to be nominated for president from a major American political party. Perhaps she might look at utilizing ServiceNow differently from others in the past.

Most organizations first deploy ServiceNow for IT processes, like the Service Desk and Asset Management. But ServiceNow does so much more and organizations often end up migrating their legacy solutions from areas like Human Resources and Facilities Management into the consolidated platform.

I’m completely speculating, but perhaps Mrs. Clinton would take the reverse approach and deploy non-IT business functions in ServiceNow first. If she didn’t deem ITSM her top priority, she might utilize the platform initially for any data-centric business process. She might even first visit the ServiceNow Store to learn more about the 3rd-party apps available to run in every instance that might not have anything to do with IT. It might give her an idea of business capabilities she would want to deploy.