How a 3rd-Party Candidate Could Win the Presidency Using ServiceNow

We recently hypothesized about how either Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton might use ServiceNow when one of them becomes President of the United States.

Several of you reminded us that there are actually more candidates from other political parties still in the race. So we started wondering what it would take for a 3rd-party candidate to win the presidency using ServiceNow.

Any candidate not supported by a well-funded political party is going to need to scale their digital capabilities quickly, and do so in an easy and cost-effective way. ServiceNow as a digital cloud platform is perfect for this. Instances can be instantiated in mere minutes and run from ServiceNow’s own FedRamp-compliant, redundant datacenter. Uptime, access, and security are all managed as part of the ServiceNow subscription and protected by robust SLAs. Plus the single-tenant architecture of the platform itself can ensure the candidate’s data is never co-mingled with other customers’ data, avoiding any “Watergate-style” data breach incidents.

Bearing all that in mind, this is what we came up with:


Getting Their Messages Out

Any 3rd-party candidate would be would operating on a shoe-string budget and face high-odds. He or she would need to get his or her name out there and there’s no better way to do so than with a web portal site managed in ServiceNow. The candidate would probably use the Stave CMS+ portal builder available from the ServiceNow Store to build any number of portals they need, and do so with 70% cost savings and all at 1/6th the time compared to using the stock CMS engine.

Plus, because all portal sites built in CMS+ are mobile-friendly, the campaign would save money by not having to build separate portal sites to attract the critical always-mobile, digital-native, Millennial demographic.

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Attracting and Tracking Donors

Even though many political parties in this mix are highly against money in politics, campaign donations would fuel the candidate’s race. Without an existing donor base or database, this would be challenging to our candidate. Using the Stave Relationship Manager application, the campaign could not only record and track donors, they could manage the full-lifecycle of a donor. This would include those who are slightly interested, to those ready to donate, to those ready to recruit their friends. Relationship Manager would record all interactions and even map forecasts and demand to up-coming projects and strategic initiatives being planned. This would be the easy and cheap way to rapidly build-out donor relations in ServiceNow.

Plus associating donors with groups, such as PACs or special interest groups is no problem, and ensures that the candidate is engaging with the right donors, who have goals that align with the candidate’s positions. That puts the money second, and integrity first.
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Keeping on Schedule

Any campaign would be a flurry of activity and involve long, busy days. Thankfully, they would probably be using ServiceNow to store and manage all events, ranging from speeches to fundraisers to conference calls. Now using Stave Calendars, the candidate could generate calendar feeds that everyone could subscribe to in stay in the loop. This would put all appropriate events in the calendar application of the user’s own choosing and make it easy. Anyone knows that if you have to tell someone to check a separate page for events, some people will get lost on the way. Stave Calendars makes it easy to share event data and automatically provides it in the format the users are already using.

Plus, there’s no limit to the number of calendars you create, or what’s in the title or body, so different groups could subscribe to multiple calendars as needed. A bi-coastal supporter might subscribe to both speeches and fundraisers happening in both New York and Los Angeles, and a campaign field volunteer might subscribe to the calendars for both speeches and internal strategy conference calls. INSTALL A FREE TRIAL OF CALENDARS


Collecting Donations Securely

With no existing “war chest” of campaign funds, our candidate would need a fast, easy, and cheap way to actually allow supporters to donate. They could certainly use ServiceNow Portals to collect donations and collect credit cards.

We don’t need any scandals, so securing those credit cards is extremely important, and since everyone from campaign staff, to volunteers, to supporters will have some role in their ServiceNow instance, we need an easy way to secure the data.

This problem is easily solved by the Stave Data Masker application from the ServiceNow Store. With Data Masker, the campaign could collect credit card numbers, but replace the actual number with symbols, like “*****” to unauthorized users. Or Data Masker can replace a portion of the number, such as, “*****1234”. Data Maskers understands text and number patterns and protects data at the weakest-point — the user.

And if it’s sweat-equity the campaign needs most, and they use the web portal site to solicit volunteers instead of money, the same Data Masker could also be used to protect the personal data of those volunteers, such as their phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers (required by the Secret Service), or anything else from unauthorized eyes.


Badging Campaign Staff, Media, and Volunteers

Campaign events involve many people and the Secret Service would mandate that the campaign put some security in place. Since all users associated with the candidate would be stored in ServiceNow, the easy thing to do would be to use the Stave QR Code Generator to quickly make printable badges with scannable codes for identity management.

Each badge could include a QR code that anyone with a phone could scan and use to confirm the identify of the bearer. It could link back to a ServiceNow Knowledge Article or record about the individual. And since QR Code Generator makes dynamic QR codes, the same physical badges could up re-used for multiple events when only certain data changes just by updating the records in ServiceNow, meaning the candidate would not need to re-print a new badge, saving even more money.

Plus having different style badges for the volunteers, press, VIP guests, or any others groups is easy to manage in QR Code Generator.

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Defining Business Support Services

The campaign is going to have many business needs like printing documents, issuing physical keys, mailing packages, and other things no one has even thought of yet. Managing all those vendors and fulfillment centers is a tough job and even more-so when you have to do it fast and at a low cost.

That’s where Stave Shared Services Manager comes in to save the day. Shared Services Manager comes complete with pre-designed catalog menus for users to request business services, and pre-built fulfillment workflows to manage many common types of requests, such as printing, mailing, key management, parking, and more. Plus, any new type of service can be added into the app and customized with no problems.

Maybe the candidate would offer bumper stickers to supporters. Supporters would still visit the campaign web portal site built on CMS+, request the number sticker using a simple button and form, be notified by email or text when it shipped, and get a survey a week later. And all those actions are also recorded in the Stave Relationship Manager so the campaign has full-insight and feedback into the effectiveness of that promotion. That’s the beauty of how Stave apps are designed to tie in together to maximize value.

Available from the ServiceNow Store, Stave Shared Services Manager is great for rapidly providing the entire request lifecycle — request, approvals, notifications, workflows, fulfillment, and feedback — for any staffer on the campaign. 

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A Winning Combination

A scrappy underdog with a great message, strong supporters, and effective digital tools, like those from Stave and ServiceNow might just be able to make a real impact on American politics. Just because the candidate — or your enterprise — has a limited budget and needs solutions that are easy, does not mean that you can’t scale your capabilities both quickly and in a way that your users’ love. A cloud platform, such as ServiceNow, and the ability to download and immediately use apps from vendors like Stave in that platform is a winning combination on any ticket.

Visit the ServiceNow Store before Election Day to see the applications and utilities from Stave that can totally disrupt the establishment of legacy business applications you’re using and institute real positive change to your business.