Get in on the Fake News Game

It seems like everyone is talking about "fake news" anymore.  I seriously don't think you can turn on the actual news on the TV, read articles online, or visit web forums without the mention of "fake news" and what is real and what isn't.

We at Stave are not going to make any judgment calls on what's playing out in the media, but we're also not ones to miss out on a new market opportunity!

That's, correct, we're getting in on this "fake news" industry now while it's still red hot.  And we're going to help anyone who uses ServiceNow to get involved in the same opportunity as well!

See, we've developed an application called Data Generator that runs in ServiceNow and is part of our Data Tools utility available from the ServiceNow Store.  Data Generator can self-generate tens, hundreds, or even thousands of records with false, sample data that makes sense.  We built Data Generator because we always need realistic sample data to test while we test new things we've build in the ServiceNow platform.  Data Generator makes this take stupid easy and it's great.

So now we have the ability to quickly and easily generate any type of realistic sample data we want -- from any table -- within any instance of ServiceNow.  It's instant fake news!

The difference is that the fake data you generate here will be used to ensure everything in your instance is working as it as it and will only improve your enterprise security.